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Mittwoch, 18. Juli 2007


As I am now starting to figure out what blogging is all about, trying out new tools like Google Adwords, Analytics, Webmaster Console and so on I also get to see more stuff of what's out there. I really believe that 90% of the stuff is crap... but for others my content probably is crap as well. And that's all while I still believe that in 1999 we started out some of the first "blogs" in Germany with Martina Ertl, Armin Bittner and Hilde Gerg all writing about their daily life in the Ski Worldcup.

Well I left XnX since and have been with Accenture for a couple of years. For a while I had not cared too much about the online world, but now I am back in the middle of it.

So, one of the things I am currently very interested in, is SEO. Now with a completely new website/blog I am able to try out those things and see how they work. That's how I came across Kassper's blogging tips and he is claiming to be able to "Get In The Google Top 10 - Post Title Optimization."

Maybe this is just falling under the category mentioned above; maybe it isn't. Right now I am just posting and will sit back and relax and watch.

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