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Donnerstag, 26. Juli 2007

Things to do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam - one of the coolest cities in the world. The name itself is associated with "Sex, Drugs and Rock" - well, the Hard Rock Amsterdam really is great. Now if you are in Amsterdam for business you will realise soon that the city has much more to offer than just platitudes. Ijselmeer and the coast are very close, good infrastructure and good food - at least if you like Frites Speciaal.

Yesterday I convinced colleagues to make use of the ability to do watersports... wakeboarding of course being my top priority in that respect. With some research I found this excellent, cozy place called WakeboardSchool Amsterdam. They are right outside Amsterdam, just 15 minutes via Tram 26 from Amsterdam Centraal. In a nice surrounding they have a patio that is perfect for having a barbecue and a trampoline so you can train your new moves "offline".

On top of this they operate really nice wakeboardingboats from Correct Craft and have excellent drivers/teachers. We went there with a couple of colleagues and those that tried wakeboarding where up and riding in no time. Excellent! It really is a nice thing to do for a team event.

For more information you can either go to their website or check out this map (the Sportboat Center is located right next door):

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