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Mittwoch, 4. Juli 2007


Okay, on to the next post. I thought I start with something that I fancy a lot. Wakeboarding. I usually describe this (to parents, grandparents and other people that don't know) as "the snowboarding equivalent for waterski". From a pure definition point of view this is probably wrong...

Wakeboarding is usually done behind a boat, but in Germany we actually use cables more often. A great place to start wakeboarding as the initial part (getting up) is easier on the lake with a cable (no wake and easier to get a good position for take off ...) than behind a boat.

If you want to start, check here:

http://www.wasserski.de/ -> map of germany including all cable spots

http://www.wildwakeski.de/ -> my favorite lake

Two years ago I stayed at a magic life club in greece on a last minute offer. Nice thing was that they offered all inclusive wakeboarding/waterskiing.

BTW: There is also a variant called wakeskating... it is basically the same, but without a binding. makes it more fuzzy, but you really feel free.
The number one place to learn and improve is actually in Florida ("are you insane to wake in alligator-infested florida??" ;-)... I am still planning to spend a week or two there once I get to it:
Try it out - it is fun!!


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Blogger Nikolaus meinte...

Thanks for that post, I think wakeskate is the next big thing, also whe I prefer the good old Wasserski ...

25. März 2011 um 17:07


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