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Mittwoch, 22. August 2007

Boat Trip in Amsterdam

Another one about "what to do in Amsterdam". I ve been in this city for 9 months now, but have seen not enough. Work has been a lot, but great... but it keeps you from going out at night. Besides the infamous Leidseplein - where you can have a good steak, the best ice cream in the world or watch kids doing strange things - I have not seen too much of Amsterdam downtown. Fortunately one of our colleagues decided to change this and took us on a boat trip in a small float. Equipped with Beer, Pizza and good music, we toured the canals of the inner city. One highlight of course being the redlight district. It's cozy to stop under a bridge when it starts raining and great to see the lovely homes that have taken hold of some older industrial areas.

Amsterdam is a cool place to be and the atmosphere is amazing. If you haven't been, you should change this asap.

The picture above is courtesy of Simon Greenman who has also posted additional pictures in his blog.

BTW: I just mentioned the word "Steak" - which brings me to my favourite food. Even though I eat a lot of Steak, I am always tracking quality.

10 out of 10:

  • Saltlik, Banff, Alberta, Canada - The New York Peppercorn is the best steak in the world.
  • Karstadt, Muenster, NRW, Germany - Actually a shopping mall, you can have steak inside the supermarket area. Serves the best steak in Germany. Decent price, cooked to your liking.

9 out of 10:

  • Wolfgangs Steakhouse, New York, NY, USA - Great steak, good service. Ex-Peter Luger Personell.
  • Al Capone's Hideaway & Steakhouse, St.Charles, IL, USA - Authentic Atmosphere, good for groups, amazing T-Bone.
  • Bella Napoli, Stuttgart, Germany - Nice italian restaurant. The barolo sauce on the filet of beef is unbeatable.

There is plenty on 8 out of 10 with the Gauchos Leidseplein, Amsterdam being very close to 9 out of 10. Yummie. Now off to a prime rib at the QCenter :-)

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