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Freitag, 30. November 2007

Last days

Today marks my last day on a project within Accenture. After over a year in the directories industry I am wrapping up and will move forward.
Starting January 2008 I ll be Managing Director of XnX GmbH... where a good injection of external skills will be needed to grow the existing sport portals further. I am extremely excited about this opportunity as I ll be able to make full use of various skills. The ability to determine and influence every function in that company will make it a hugely difference experience to the political environments I have been in on most of my projects. At the same time I am going from 180.000 people in 48 countries to 15 people in 1 country. It will feel VERY small, but there will be major changes early 2008 that will probably grow us into 40 people running portals in 8 different countries. Let's see.

I ll keep you posted. For now I can't imagine that I ll be "without" work tomorrow.

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