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Sonntag, 27. Januar 2008

PHP Developers needed!!

I need a German LAMP Developer with good understanding for complex systems, some knowledge of architecture / server administration and good people skills.

If you know anyone please push him in my direction :-)

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Montag, 14. Januar 2008

What a start

2008 - as said previously it is an exciting start into a new challenge.

XnX is a small company that has an amazing product portfolio - specifically related to its size.

First there is the XnX Sports2b Network of very strong portals:

Ski Alpin and World cup: Ski2b.com
Cross Country Skiing: XC-Ski.com
Biathlon: biathlon2b.com
Bike: Bike2b.de
Outdoor: Mountains2b.com
Triathlon: Tri2b.com

And then there are the portals that are supported by us on behalf of partners that we cooperate with. The biggest current project is:

Schneehöhen / Snow reporting: http://www.skiinfo.de/

The winter keeps us busy with the usual suspects troubling us (adservers needing performance upgrades, ...).

It is a very different environment from the big corporations. First of all: when ever you ask someone at XnX how long it takes or what the effort is, you hear "10 minutes". And you get a lot of things done immediately. At the same time every project manager knows that it is the little tasks that always get underestimated and in the end block delivery of the bigger workpackages. Some work to be done on that front ;-)

On the other end there is the management of the business which has to do with meeting customers and representing the company.

I was very happy to be invited to speak at SES London. It is my first SES and I am going to speak on two panels:

  • Big Site, Big Search: All about how to tackle those sites with thousands or even millions of pages.
  • European SEO: All about diversity and I am sure I ll be able to use some of the lessons I have learned from my friend Jan Brasna on the workings of the emerging markets (believe it or not, there is SE`s other then Google out there!)
Let`s say I am not bored :-)

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