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Mittwoch, 9. April 2008

Skiinfo AS acquires XNX GmbH

It`s been over a month since my last post - damn it. In the meantime we have made quite some progress. Accounting, controlling and setting up new processes takes a big chunk of my daily work. But we definitely see a lot of progress... a major piece of work - in fact one that we had been working on since February 2007 has now been closed and I am very proud and honoured to post the official press release. On Sunday I am off to vacation in Israel - 30°C and sun is the forecast... with zero skidays this winter I am all ready for the summer.

Skiinfo AS acquires XNX GmbH

Skiinfo.com, the leading network of Snow Resort information in Europe with Headquarters in Oslo (Norway) is taking over XNX GmbH. It was agreed that the purchase price for Germany-based XNX and the related Sports2b network is not to be disclosed.

The decision was made based on a successful collaboration in the past, complementary product portfolios and markets. Skiinfo is the leading provider of Ski Resort data and up-to-date snow- and weather information in Italy, Scandinavia and France. More than 1000 ski resorts in Europe are being updated on a daily basis. The takeover will provide Skiinfo with a strong presence in Germany and Austria.

Since 1997 XNX has built up its own Sports2b-Network and has extensive experience in the Online-Wintersport market. Taking over the maintenance of skiinfo.de and .nl is a logical step for the editorial department of XNX, while Skiinfo closes a gap on the map. Another advantage is XNX’s PR Distribution, which is being used by well-known Tourism Associations of the Alps. It will provide additional content to Skiinfo’s users, ranging from exclusive news to the latest event information.

XNX will have a seat on the board of directors of Skiinfo AS. All former XNX-shareholders are now shareholders of Skiinfo AS and will remain on board, being strongly committed to the future growth of the new company. The current product portfolio of XNX will be continued with the same employees and new features and extensions are already under development. The product portfolios of both companies will be integrated step by step to further improve the service towards skiresorts.

Martin Fiala (Managing Director, XNX GmbH): In my perspective Skiinfo is the only true European Wintersport network with strong roots in all major markets. We are looking forward to the future, having found the perfect partner for further growth. Together we will be able to provide European Products and Services to our customers.

Jaron Schächter (Managing Director, XNX GmbH): For XNX the integration with Skiinfo is an exciting step, taking us from the local market to an international level. It will allow us to further streamline our product portfolio and position us clearly. Main target is to extend the reach of Skiinfo in German and other languages. With “Skier’s Lounge” we are running the only social network around skiing that can offer a European touch.

Espen Schrøder (CEO, Skiinfo AS): Since starting the cooperation with XNX, we were enthusiastic about the professional team, and their network of partner websites. Our business models are highly complementary, and since the German-speaking area is the most important market in Europe, we are really excited about this merger. Together with the products of XNX we are looking forward to a strong future growth and a market leading position as the number one European provider of ski related information.

About Skiinfo:
Skiinfo is the leading European online platform about skiing. Snow- and weather reports are daily updated and delivered in various languages. Information about slopes, parks and related services make it a complete portal. Key factor is the high quality and depth of data that made Skiinfo a well-established provider of content to more than 100 partners including Newspapers, TV Stations and Online-Portals. Founded in Oslo in 1996 Skiinfo has now local presence with offices in Annecy/France, Torino/Italy and employees in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Denmark and the UK.

Its website is www.skiinfo.com

About XNX:
XNX GmbH powers a network of sport portals. From Skiing to Outdoor, from Mountain bike to Climbing – with its specialisation each portal has its own strong position. Customers of XNX include well known athletes, associations, major portals and the sport industry for which XNX creates, delivers and distributes content. Founded in Münster/Germany in 1997 XNX is now part of the Skiinfo group.

Its website is www.xnx.de

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Looking forward to your progress.

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