Jaron Schaechter - Managing Director of Skiinfo Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Benelux.

Donnerstag, 19. Juni 2008

Soccer and Pageimpressions

There are some things that no marketing campaign can buy... having a product that is rare and that a lot of people want is the best way.

One of our clients was able to offer a limited number of tickets along with travel for the Quarter Final Germany - Portugal. As they usually have travel packages that are targeted at VIP customers for selected Bundesliga Games, their website was in the middle of season break = hibernation = no traffic at all.

Then they got word that they could offer tickets. One hour after Germany won against Austria the package went online . Yesterday night the offer went offline (sold out!). See the curve:

Let`s hope that Germany proceeds all the way to the finals... we will see a curve like that after/before every game :-)

And one more thing on IT development: I truely believe in the 90/90 rule.