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Montag, 6. Oktober 2008

Ski2b.com Relaunch

Wow, after a lot of work we have finally released a new version of our main portal focussed on Ski Weltcup: Ski2b.com

It has been very quiet from my side for the last three months and the main reason for that was work work work. With the new Ski2b.com live (after a very impressive teamwork from our tech and editorial departments) and the new Skiinfo.de launching in a couple of weeks I finally found the spare time and motivation to post again.

The new look & feel will be applied to all of our 2b-portals in the next months and you can expect some further structural changes. E.g. all snow reporting will happen on Skiinfo side in the future.

Also both sides are growing together nicely without some of the frills I have seen in other "mergers that actually are a takeover" ;-) No really, a cultural fit should be your main concern when integrating two companies as it will make things so much easier.

I will post again in a couple of days with an update on Wakeboarding. The summer is basically over, but I have tested three more spots lately:
- See 0f Galillee (Genezareth): Walk on Jesus`footsteps
- Tel Aviv
- Hamm (my new homebase)
and am gonna post in some details!

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